You And The DP

The MCGM had uploaded the Existing Land Use (ELU) maps and report on the MCGM website and invited comments on the ELU maps and report. The deadline for submission of comments on the Existing Land Use  Maps and Reports (ELU) published by the MCGM, has been extended and the new deadline is 28/03/2013 Kindly take note of the same and send in your comments urgently (if you have not already done so).


Please check the Existing Land Use maps for any errors or discrepancies, if any, and write in your comments to the MCGM’s dedicated email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  If you have difficulty in analysing the ELU please refer the guide that the UDRI has prepared in Hindi and English. It can be downloaded below.

Guide to doing ELU verification



Download ELU maps ward wise for Greater Mumbai

Task 2: ELU maps and Reports

        City Level ELU Report 

        Ward level ELU reports

Task 1: Inception Report

        Inception Report

        Working Paper 1

        Working Paper 2