What is the stakeholder group process?

In order to get a clearer picture of the needs and requirements of the city, the Stakeholder Group process was initiated. As per this process, different professionals, representatives of organizations and activists working in the respective sectors were brought together on one platform in order to discuss and debate what the city required in each sector. Ten of these sectors have been singled out which are considered to be most important and basic for survival and existence for a normal citizen.

How were members of the stakeholder groups selected?

Every member of each of the various different stakeholder groups has been selected based on the immense field expertise that they have. We believe that only through direct contact with the field could knowledge intrinsic to the planning process be developed. The organizations and professionals working on the field are confronted on a day to day basis with issues that could perhaps have planning solutions.

What is the idea of the principles that has been evolved?

After thorough discussions over multiple meetings the various different stakeholders have been able to formulate the basic principles that should form the foundation of the planning process in the city. In the face of the planning process being commissioned to a consulting firm, they felt it necessary to convey the basic principles that they had formulated to the municipal commissioner in the form of letters.