Report of the Health Survey And Development Committee Report Report of the Health Survey And Development Committee Report
medico friend circle bulletin The UHC (Universal Health Care) system would be a national system predominantly based on public funds. Therefore it will have to be an appropriately regulated system - both its private and public components included, although the concrete mechanisms of regulation of these two components might differ in certain aspects. Regulation of that portion of the private health care which would become part of UHC would thus be part of the overall regulation of the system of Universal Health Care India, so that the private health care component of UHC would also follow the basic logic of the UHC, while retaining its private character. Even that private care which is out side the UHC will have to be subject to some regulation so that it works in tandem with the UHC system; at least it should not work at cross purposes. It should also be noted that there is a definite need to move towards a more peopleoriented and participatory system of governance of the entire health system, which would be strongly reflected in the forms of regulation for UHC.
medico friend circle bulletin In the 21st century, Health Care should be regarded as a basic human right. Since the second half of the twentieth century most of the developed countries (with notable exception of USA) have progressively achieved or have nearly achieved Universal Access to Health Care (UAHC). More recently some developing countries like Thailand, Brazil have also largely achieved UAHC. A few countries like South Africa, Cuba, and Venezuela have recognized Health Care as a fundamental right and have enshrined it in their constitutions. In these countries patients do not have to pay or pay only a token amount at the point of service. At the beginning of the twenty first century there is convincing evidence and experience in favour of and how to achieve a Universal Access Health Care system, there are no excuses for India not to move towards UAHC.