Revision of the Development Plan for Mumbai 2013-2034-LIVELIHOODS This is in follow up to our earlier letter to you dated 29th July 2011 on the subject of Facilitating and ensuring wider consultation in the formulation of the Development Plan of Mumbai 2014-2034. The DP Stakeholder group on Livelihoods believes that the provisioning in the Development Plan should be with respect to the following principles - Creation of inclusive livelihoods within the city including the disabled. - Livelihoods should be the basis for creation of the new existing land use map, indicating the different patterns and types of livelihoods that exist in the city. - Provisioning for basic services for formal and informal modes of livelihood without any discrimination based on income levels, social status, gender, caste, and religion, urban / rural or geographic residence - Creating new categories of urban land use zones whereby the traditional informal industries get recognition and are able to grow as open innovative clusters producing high end value products