First Stakeholder Group Meeting on Livelihoods on the 19th August, 2011 at the TISS Discussion:The UDRI introduced the intent of the Development Plan stakeholders group. The intention is to reach a consensus on the Livelihood requirements and potentials as perceived by agencies/researcher working on the ground in Mumbai. These are to be presented to the MCGM as a brief for the revision of the Development Plan. It was decided that we would first discuss issues that each of the stakeholders were currently facing on the ground in order to understand the scope of the development plan and the livelihoods sector in Mumbai.
Second Stakeholder Group Meeting on Livelihoods on the 20th September, 2011 at the TISS Agenda: The discussion was based on the agenda that was circulated among the various DP Stakeholders before the meeting.
1. Need to trace patterns of employment within the city, location of industries in the city
i. What are the available information and the studies that have already been done?
ii. Trying to generate a typology of employments and industries in the city
iii. Locating the various formal and informal industries in the city
iv. Determining their space requirements
2. Support infrastructure for the upcoming and existing formal and informal livelihoods in the city
i. Drawing from issues already discussed charting out support infrastructure that would be required for all of the livelihood opportunities
ii. Creating infrastructure for the different livelihood groups in the city
iii. Possibility of engaging the corporate sector in the provisioning of these services