The First meeting of the Health Stakeholder group held on the 2nd of June, 2011 at the UDRI office UDRI introduced the intenet of the meeting to the invitees
The Second meeting of the Health Stakeholder group held on the 21st of July, 2011 at the UDRI office Need to review the existing health care facilities and structure : The current Development plan has been structured around the guidelines that have been laid down by the national building code. The UDPFI guidelines of 1996 lay down the mandatory requirements for the purposes of town planning in India. It was decided to look at 1) standards and 2) nomenclature by two seperate sub groups.
Third Stakeholder Group Meeting on Health on the 4th August, 2011 at the UDRI Office At the previous meeting it had been decided that the larger health sub group would be divided into the two subgroups of standards and nomenclature. However, as the discussion proceeded both sub groups felt the need to combine and talk about the various issues.
The Co-ordination meeting of the Health Focus group held on the 2nd of May, 2011 at the UDRI office A meeting was held with the coordinators of the health group to clarify the direction of the meetings. This process is being initiated at two levels. First, a peoples brief is being prepared which essentially lays out the aspirations that the people have with respect to the city and what they expect out of the development plan. Secondly, a team of experts are being put together on various issues to get them to prepare a crisp white paper on them. A further third step would be to interact at ward and area level with citizens group. This step may also be possible through the grassroots networks that each stakeholder has in place
Summary of the health meeting held on 14th of June at the UDRI office 1. We agreed to divide the work on Dr Thankekars List:
2. Find a way to meet the consultants working on the DP.
3. Leni suggested that we look at categorizing the documents and develop a rationale for it
- Standards for health services
- Recommendation documents
- Financing for public health being some of them.
- Quantity
- Quality
- Cost
- Timeframe of implementation as some of the other possible ways of the classification