Introduction To Urban Design Research Institute


The Urban Design Research Institute is a public charitable trust setup in 1983 dedicated to the protection of built environments and the improvement of urban communities. Understanding that an interdisciplinary and holistic view of our urban environment will lead to practical solutions for its improvement, the UDRI provides a forum promoting interaction between architects, urban designers and professionals from related fields such as economics, sociology, planning, conservation and history. To this end, the UDRI organizes public lectures, exhibitions as well as publications, the Bombay Studio and a Research and Resource Centre focused on the study of Mumbai. We view ourselves as a watchdog on urban planning issues, promoting democratic values of civic participation to create a more just, liveable and equitable metropolis. We have also undertaken extensive research projects on Mumbai’s Mill lands, Eastern Waterfront, Fort area, Heritage conservation and are currently engaged in formulation a public participation process for the revision of the Development Plan for Mumbai 2014-2034.